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Мастер-класс по поиску изобразительных товарных знаков

Приглашаем вас принять участие и начать свое утро с чашки бодрящего кофе и ароматных круассанов в компании ведущих специалистов сервиса №1 по поиску товарных знаков!

Publication date: May 22, 2019
Обновление тарифов на POISKZNAKOV.RU

Полный перечень услуг и установленные тарифы можно посмотреть здесь.

Publication date: April 19, 2019

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Activities of a patent attorney are quite often complicated by the presence of current routine issues whose solution takes a lot of time, distracts from the main work and hampers the achievement of the final objective. Tired of tiresome correspondence with local agents, searching for trademarks in other countries, filing numerous applications, waiting for a response from State authorities, lose precious time and advantageous contracts? We offer a quick, easy and modern method of resolving those problems!

The Company INTELS ONLINE is an independent division of the Company INTELS engaged in development of professional software for optimizing and maintaining business processes. Fusion of youth and experience, readiness to respond to new demands of the times and faithfulness to old traditions together with excellent knowledge of modern information technologies enable us to adequately approach the solution of the problems posed in a balanced way. Having accomplished several successful projects for big Russian firms, we have developed a system of optimizing work of a patent attorney, which, undoubtedly, will interest not only professionals working in this field, but also trademark owners.

Conducting searches for identity and similarity, as is known - a very important issue at many stages of an expert in the field of intellectual property, most often arising in the application. In order to reduce the time and expense in conducting searches both for identity and similarity we maintain databases of trademarks and applications in parallel as Patent Office developed its own search algorithm. Subsequently, it was decided to create a system that is accessible not only by INTELS employees, but also other professionals working in the field of intellectual property. Thus was born the service POISKZNAKOV.RU, which allows you to search databases that include both already registered in the Russian Federation, trademarks, and applications filed in the Patent Office, as well as the international registration.

For more than five years, our specialists developed and improved services to facilitate the work of patent attorneys and specialists in the field of intellectual property. Today we are working with almost all regions of Russia. Among our clients as experts in the field of intellectual property, patent offices, and manufacturing companies, advertising and branding agency.

About our participation in the activities you can find here.