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Мастер-класс по поиску изобразительных товарных знаков

Приглашаем вас принять участие и начать свое утро с чашки бодрящего кофе и ароматных круассанов в компании ведущих специалистов сервиса №1 по поиску товарных знаков!

Publication date: May 22, 2019
Обновление тарифов на POISKZNAKOV.RU

Полный перечень услуг и установленные тарифы можно посмотреть здесь.

Publication date: April 19, 2019

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1. What is the cost of the search?

The search for evidence on the bases, applications and international registrations, indicating Russia - 1500 RUB., Regardless of the number of classes for one search query + unlimited display detailed information on the signs, regardless of the number of characters in the sample. For the same price you can include in your search base domain (ie the cost of the search does not change). The cost of the search query only on the basis of evidence - 50 RUB. The cost of search by number - for free.

2. What is the minimum amount for a recharge?

50 RUB for a database search of registered trademarks or 1500 for the search of databases of registered trademarks, claimed to be registered as trademarks and international registrations with an indication of the Russian Federation.

For legal entities, according to the contract, the minimum payment amount is 6750 RUB.

3. In what way can I deposit?

If you - a representative of a legal person, the payment can be made by wire transfer based on the invoice or contract.

If you - an individual who can add funds or using any convenient way through the payment sictemu Robokassa, or to pay in the department of Sberbank of Russia, after filling out a receipt form which can be downloaded here.

All the payment options can be seen by clicking on "top up" from the menu, the Private office.

4. What is the relevance of the data on the site? Immediately to applications published Rospatent fall in the base?

The relevance of data you can always look in the appropriate section in the left part of the screen.

Applications listed Rospatent certainly require processing, input and checked, so entered into the database and, accordingly, in the search, not immediately. Full details are available on request no later than two weeks from the receipt of the corresponding application in FIPS. Prior to this period, some data may be missing.

Upgrade the legal status of the certificate of the Russian Federation is the day of their publication Rospatent.

Information on the status of international registrations updated on 01.01.2009. The changes that occurred prior to that date, at the present time are not made in full, and therefore the relevance of the expiry dates of these international registrations to be established from other public sources.

5. How often is the database updated?

Updating takes place every day.

6. Launched a test of verbal designation. Search is taking more than 10 minutes. What to do?

First, check the browser with which you carry out the work with the service. For proper operation of the site, we do not recommend to use the browser Internet Explorer. If possible, go in with a different browser to view the latest version to see whether in the history of the last search query that you have completed. If the request is missing, please perform your search again.

7. What does the transliteration? Do I need to carry two separate search, such as "маска" and «maska»?

Transliteration - accurate transmission signs a written characters other writings, in which each character (or string of characters) to one of the letters sent by the same character (or character string) to the other writing system.

Therefore, in a single search you will be presented with the results of sampling in both designations "mask" and «maska». In the similarity search function that automatically, in other cases it should be, if necessary, be noted.

8. Can I go back to the search results, I conducted a few months ago?

The results of your searches are saved and you are at any given time will be able to view them in the search history. However, please note that the results (number of found signs) will be relevant at the date when it was searched.

8. How to conduct a search for 50 RUB, and the difference between the search for the 50 and 1500 RUB?

Search for 1500 RUB. carried out on the bases of evidence, applications and international registrations with an indication of the Russian Federation. In particular, if the purpose of your search is to verify the eligibility indicate that you plan to register as a trade mark, it is the signs of these bases can be contrasted with the expertise in Rospatent.

Search for 50 RUB allows you to search only on the basis of certificates of trademarks. In order to carry out the specified search, please leave a dedicated database only "evidence" in the formation of a search query criteria.


10. What is the percentage of similarity?

Percentage of similarity - a numerical indicator that shows how much (percentage) of writing a verbal designation to writing the other. This index is calculated by the algorithm developed by our company.

11. Why is not downloaded report (or do not see the images, and the text is present)?

After the report is saved to the local computer, you must unzip the resulting file with the report. In Windows, this is done by right-clicking on the shortcut file and select the context menu "Extract all files" and then you will see a new folder with the contents of the report. You can open the report in whatever program.

12. When you open a report in Microsoft Excel displays the error "Too much data in a cell." What to do?

Just click "OK" and continue to watch the report. This error stems from the fact that Microsoft Excel has a limit on the amount of data displayed in a single cell (32,767 characters). When generating reports with a full description of the classes of the Nice Classification, some lists do not fit into this limitation.

13. How to create a report for searching?

  • Open the "Search History".
  • Select search in which to generate the report.
  • Highlight "ticks" signs, which should enter into the report. If you want to select all the characters for each category of signs (certificates, applications, international registration) must be in the header of the table put a "tick" on the top left.
  • In the upper right hand corner click the "Create Report".
  • Specify the report parameters (grouping, sorting, size, etc.).
  • Click "Create Report".
  • After creating the report will be a link, clicking on which you can save the generated report.
  • All the reports you have created and saved to a file the results of searches you can find in the "Report history".


If you still have any questions, be sure to ask, we will be happy to help!